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Acrylic Shellac Nail Art


Boost your immune system and detoxify your body pain free in just 30 minutes.  The Ion Cleanse Foot Spa will help you feel as light as a feather by  removing harmful toxins from your body.

In 30 minutes you can help protect your body’s defences from toxic overload allowing it to protect you from illness.  Place your feet in the foot spa and watch the water darken.

Rebalance your body and feel invigorated.



Eyebrow, facial, underarm, leg, arm and brazilian waxing available in the salon as well as 30 min and 60min facials.



Full Set
French or with polish or shellac
Nail Repair
Full Set hands
Per nail/toe
Full Set
Shellac Nails
A gel polish that can be put over your own nails or over your acrylic. Does not chip like nail polish and is dry immediately making it ideal for our busy lifestyles.
Nails cut and filed, cuticles are pushed back and tidied, hand exfoliation and massage and nail colour applied.
Shellac polish is available for hands and toes-shellac is a gel polish that goes over your own nails or acrylics and gives you a chip free polish for up to 2 weeks. Ask you nail technician today.
Pedicure Spa
This is the ultimate experience. Relax on a massage chair that massages your entire body while your feet are soaked in a whirlpool. Your toenails are then trimmed, your cuticles shaped, your feet are then exfoliated and massaged and nail colour applied.
Manicure, Shape and Polish Buff, Shape and Polish Removal of Acrylic and Gel Nails
NOTE: Refills over the prescribed maximum 2-3 week period will be charged an extra fee. We are not responsible for the following: Breaking, cracking, lifting, infected nails or damage to the original design. No refunds.